2019 Hilliard-Cunningham Scholarship 

Rules for Governing the Scholarship

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Scholarship Committee:
The committee is made up of 3 members, no more than 5 members who will, decide the recipients.  The committee chair will facilitate the review and award process.  A new scholarship committee will be selected at each reunion unless the body decides to keep the same committee.

Applicants who meet ALL requirements will be awarded a scholarship in an amount determined by the committee.  This is not a competitive scholarship.  The goal is to support and encourage students who have successfully completed High School and who plan to further their education.

Basic Steps in the Process:
1.    Elect a scholarship committee or confirm that the sitting committee agrees to continue to serve.

2.    Mail and/or announce via snail or e-mail the availability of Scholarship Applications with Reunion Registration Forms.

3.    After the deadline, the chair will review applications to ensure that applicants meets the basic requirements.
4.   The chair will contact scholarship committee members to review the applicants before reunion.
Checklist for the Committee to Review:
______ Student has, at least, a 3.0 GPA.   (Verified by a school official in writing).
______ Student is a descendant of the Hilliard/Cunningham Family
______ Student has attended a Hilliard/Cunningham reunion within the last 4 years
______ Student submitted a complete Application Packet: (Application Form, One Page Essay, GPA verification letter, copy of letter of acceptance to the university, college or trade school)
______ Applicant has been accepted into an educational institution.
______ Application and supporting materials received or postmarked no later than: June 13, 2019.
5.       The student will be given the Hilliard-Cunningham Scholarship Award during the upcoming reunion.  The awardees are strongly urged to attend, but if, for some reason, they cannot attend, the stipend will be mailed to them.
6.      The amount of the scholarship will be determined by the committee. The scholarship amount will be based on the funds available, the number of eligible graduates, and any advice provided by family members at the general body meeting.

The committee reserves the right not to grant any scholarships.
Future Scholarship Possibilities:  In the future, the committee may vote to grant scholarship funds to college graduates, professional school and graduate school graduates and even other High School Students.  This, however, will be determined by the funds available.  For now, High School graduates are the priority.


Hilliard/Cunningham Scholarship

BACKGROUND: The Hilliard/Cunningham family has a long and rich history of demonstrated educational excellence. Family members have always pursued and encouraged others to pursue knowledge and to use that knowledge to contribute to society. This scholarship is one way that we try to support those who have decided to further their education.
REQUIREMENTS: An eligible applicant must meet all of the following criteria:    
You must be a graduating High School Senior with, at least, a 3.0 GPA
You must be a descendant of the Hilliard/Cunningham Family
You must have attended a Hilliard/Cunningham reunion within the last 4 years
You must complete your application with essay and other supporting materials outlined below.
You must submit a letter from an official at your High School confirming what your GPA is.
You must submit a copy of a letter of acceptance to the University, College or Technical School you will enter.
You must submit a completed application by the deadline: Two weeks prior to the start of the annual reunion.
APPLICATION:  (Type or print clearly with black or blue ink)
NAME: ___________________________ ________________________________ _______________________
                        Last                              First                                          Middle
ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________________
                           City                                       State                             Zip Code         
PHONE: _________________________________ E-mail: __________________________________________
HIGH SCHOOL: _____________________________________ HIGH SCHOOL PHONE: ______________
GPA: ______________________________
COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY YOU (PLAN) TO ATTEND: ____________________________________________

LAST FAMILY REUNION ATTENDED (YEAR): ___________________  
ESSAY:   Write a one-page essay about yourself. Explain why you are applying for this scholarship.
(Essay must be typed)

1) Application; 2) One-page Essay; 3) Letter from school official confirming your GPA;

4) Copy of letter of acceptance to College, University or Technical School.
Please mail your completed application to:              Hilliard/Cunningham Scholarship Committee:
Application Deadline: Postmarked no later than:           C/O: Maia Watkins   
Two Mondays prior to the start of reunion                 PO BOX 16964 ATLANTA, GA 30321
                                                                             (or scan to .pdf and) email: watkins01@gmail.com